One month ago I took a path that many of my friends thinks is crazy: I quit a job working for a Government Company to work remotely.

It might not sound that crazy if you don't know Brazil very well. In Brazil, working for the Government is one of the best paying jobs you'll find, it's usually not a hard job and it is almost impossible to get fired (unless you do something that would make you go to jail or something close to it).

I worked for this company for almost 11 years, first in Brasília and then in Curitiba. I had my ups and downs working there, but in the end I wasn't happy. Don't get me wrong, I liked most of my colleagues, the pay was good (at least in the last 5 years or so) and in some moment I even liked what I was doing. This last part is one of the main reasons I left this company.

In my personal opinion, software development is a creative job, and I like it a lot. The Government is the opposite of creativity, it's bureaucracy and politics. It pained me a lot to see some projects that would be very useful for the population dies because of this bureaucracy, politics and short vision.

A few years ago I thought on leaving the company. I even started looking for some other places, but I realized that there wasn't any good fit here in Curitiba (at least not paying a fair money), and as I didn't want to move from here to any other city in Brazil, I let this thought die and continued with my life.

Then the dream to move to Canada rekindle inside of me, and with it the Idea of getting a new job, a job that I like and care. With that in mind, I started sending resumés and doing interviews. And as I said in the beginning of this post, a month ago I started this new journey!

It required me a lot of courage (and faith in God) to quit a safe, well paid job to start this new adventure, but I believe it will be worthy (it already has been). I'm working with things that pleases me, I'm also learning a lot and enjoying the ride!  

I'm very happy with this new job and with what I'm doing there. I'm working with Drupal full time, doing new things and learning a lot, a dream of years ago that came true, finally. I'm also working for a Canadian company, which is also great, since I plan to move to Canada somewhere in the future.

And, for those of you, who are in similar situation, my only advice is: don't let your dreams fade, fight for them!