I remember that back in 2006 me and my wife were looking for a way to move to Canada. At that time our life was very different: we, of course, were much younger, our daughter hadn't born yet, and we lived in Brasília, a way expensive city in Brazil.

Moving forward to today, we have a comfortable life here in Curitiba. We now have our daughter, many friends, a good job, a house... a good life in many ways. Looking at that, when we talk to our friends and family that we want to move to other country, many of them ask us why. Why do you want to move to another country with very different culture? Why are you willing to leave a good job which pays very good to start over? Why do you want to leave your family and friends?

These are fair questions and I myself have thought on them for a very long time. To be honest, sometimes thinking on these questions make me a little uncomfortable. But looking through a bigger perspective we (me and my wife) have thought it's worthy to try.

So, here are some reasons we decided to move to Canada:

Career opportunity

As for the moment I'm writing this text I work for a government company. Government companies are not know for being innovative and challenging places, many of them are very secure over the years, but they are not startups neither they have the market pressure to come up with innovations.

I'm looking for challenges that help me and my career grow, I want to make something that matters and something that is worthy for others. Don't get me wrong, I did some things that make me proud while working here, but I believe I have a bigger potential and this potential isn't being used here.

Of course there are other companies here in Brazil that offer these opportunities, but not here in Curitiba, and we decided, long ago, that if we cannot live in Curitiba, it's better for us to move to other country.


Recently me and my wife were robbed right in front of my daughter school. It was scary because 2 guys with a gun pointed to my wife's head robbed the car and many of our stuff (including my laptop and my wife's guitar, both our work instruments). This is somewhat a changing event in our lives. We spent at least 2 weeks having nightmares and thinking it would happen again any time.

We have decided to move to Canada way before it happened, but this event ultimately helped us to speed up the process.

Canada is a safe country. Of course I don't think it's a paradise where there's no crime. I just don't see these types of crimes so frequent in Canada as it's here. We want to live in peace without having to think 30 times a day if you are going to be robbed any time.

Our daughter's future

Let's be honest, Brazil will take a long time to be become a great country for people who want to study and develop. We are far away from a good place to kids live. I have some concerns about my daughter's future here, specially if we cannot pay a private school for her. It's sad to think that we have to move to other country so we can give a better chance for our kids, but unfortunately this is the truth (at least in our perspective).

Canada is known to have a great school system where smart and engaged kids can learn, develop and grow very easily. That's what I want for my daughter (and eventually for any other kids I have).


I don't see a good future for my country. I honestly don't see many of these things getting any better in less than 2 or 3 decades. It's sad when I have to think on it, but unfortunately it's true. I don't want to wait for it, and when it comes to my daughter, I can't wait.


These are some of the reason. There are other that are small (like products being cheaper and so on), but my family's future is what concern me the most, and that's why I want to move.