I've tried, few years ago, to write posts in english. At that time I've decided to read books in english to get better but it didn't work. The main reason it didn't work was because my english are very bad at that time.

I bought the book "Lord Foul's Bane" from the series "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever". I must have read about 10 pages and quit. I couldn't understand a lot of expressions, words and sentences. This showed me how bad my english was and that I should do something to change it.

In a attempt to change it I enrolled in a english course and I spent 18 months studing. The school isn't a great school, but it "unblocked" me and gave me more confidence.

Last April me and my wife traveled to The United States. That was our first travel abroad and we visited Orlando and it's parks. We enjoyed Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios a lot! The trip also contributed to the improvement and understanding of english and a little bit to our spelling.

Among the things I bought on our trip there is a Amazon Kindle, a e-book reader. With this device, buying books became very cheap and easy. Then I decided to give another try on reading in english (most of the books sold for the Kindle are written in english). That became a very exciting experience.

In two months I've read two books. Those wasn't small books, they were "The name of the wind" and "Wise man's fear". If you check, you'll see that I've read about 1600 pages entirely in english! That was a great accomplishment (do you remember my first try? Only 10 pages!).

At this moment I'm reading another book, in fact a trilogy called "Mistborn trilogy" by Brandon Sanderson which give me about 2200 pages to read. That's a challenge I've accepted and I'm enjoying.

The next steps, and this text is the first one, is to turn write in english a habit. I know it will be hard, not only because write in english is hard, but because have the habit of writing is hard for me. But I'm determined to give it a new try.