I’m excited and honored to attend my very first DrupalCon. Even more, I’ll not just attend to it, but I’ll be speaking about Chatbots and Drupal 8 there!

I’ve been working with Drupal since 2003, but this is the first time I have the chance to attend a DrupalCon. If you don’t know what is a DrupalCon, it’s the largest and most grandiose event regarding Drupal. It’s the place where more than 5000 Drupal developers gather together to talk, discuss and improve Drupal over a week. This year the North America edition will be held in Baltimore.

In our talk, me and my colleague, Everett Zufelt, will be representing the company we work for, Myplanet, and talking about how to use Drupal to deliver a better experience using Chatbots with Drupal 8. We forked and refactored the open source module created by White House a few months ago, making it pluggable and more extensible to be used with other services (like Slack).

If you are going to attend the DrupalCon, I'll be honored if you show up to our talk. See you there!