It's been a long time since I've posted anything here and well... 2017 was a busy year for me.

Last year, besides presenting at DrupalCon Baltimore (talking about Chatbots) I've also presented at DrupalCamp São Paulo, talking about Drupal and Apple TV.

This year I've submitted (or co-submitted) 5 proposals to DrupalCon Nashville. And here is a list and a short description of what I will talk if they got selected:

Drupal on Your TV: I would like to talk and show how we built a Drupal 8 site that sends content directly to Apple TV. This was a super fun project and I believe many people could benefit of it.

Step Aside Google, Here Comes Drupal Home: In this talk I'll talk how you can use Drupal as the brain behind home assistants and smart devices like light bulbs.

Content Personalization: Resistance is Futile: This is one of the talks that I'll co-present with Benjamin Woll, our Director of Client Services at Myplanet. We'll talk about content personalization and how it can be implemented using Drupal.

Build a Smarter Content Editing Interface in Drupal with Natural Language Processing: In this talk, my colleague Laura Johnson and I will show how we can use IBM Watson API to bring assistance to Drupal content editors.

Using Computer Vision to Streamline Accessibility: In this talk Justin Longbottom, a fellow developer at Myplanet, and I will demonstrate how we could use the aide from Computer Vision to help increase accessibility on a Drupal Site.

I hope if not all, at least a couple of those talks get select and I can talk about those exciting topics. If you plan to attend DrupalCon Nashville I hope we get the chance to meet there.